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Akon Replies To Reports Saying He Lied About Criminal Past

Posted By on May 16, 2008

    As we previously reported, the Smoking Gun published an article about a month ago that claimed Akon maunfactured most of his criminal past, including being the ringleader of a "notorious" car-theft ring, plus they said he didn't spend four and a half years in prison, as he has said. The Smoking Gun said that Akon spent only a few months in an Atlanta jail for stealing a single car, according to police, court and corrections records.

    Akon is now responding to these statements and talking about how the report has changed his rep. "It's an article," he said. "Everyone's entitled to their own opinions and views. At the end of the day, the Konvict movement is keeping me out of jail. It's nothing I want to glorify or go back to. Honestly, I'm glad something like that came out, because it opens the minds of other people who're thinking positive."

    "We're doing so many positive things," 'Kon continued. "To
go back and focus and put energy on negative things like that, to try
to discredit an artist, it makes no sense to me. If there was a motive
for it, it would be worth entertaining. I'd rather keep it the way it
is and leave the article out there. It only helps me. It's not
something I was trying to glorify or turn back to. It was something I
was trying to forget. Actually, it worked out for me in a positive

    Akon is working on Acquitted, the follow-up to 2006's Konvicted. The album was originally slated for release this month, but those plans have been scrapped.