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Akon Say’s He’s Going Country

Posted By on April 3, 2008

    The widely popular singer, songwriter, rapper and producer, Akon, is pretty much made that of himself now, 'a icon' in the music industry. Now Akon is expanding into a new type of genre, Country music. "I'm bout to break into a genre that no black artist, producer or writer ever broke into, ever," Akon announced on BBC radio. "And the funniest part about it is, I'm goin in with an alias and I already got my first hit record."

    Although other African-Americans have worked in Country music (like Ray Charles), Akon says what he has plans to do will set him apart. "I'm tryin to break in, I'm not just tryin to go in," he said.  Akon didn't want to ruin the surprize, trying not to reveal his master plan. "If I tell you, then they gon' shut it down," he said. "I just gotta go on until I accept that Grammy one day."