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Akon Sign’s To C-Murder’s TRU Publishing

Posted By on March 11, 2008

C-Murder, the younger brother of Master P and uncle of Lil' Romeo, continues his success in the literary world. Today he announced that he signed R&B Superstar Akon to a book deal through his publishing company, TRU Publishing. Akon's new book will be called "Thug Politics" and will be the second release from C-Murder's publishing company. The first was Jacki-O's "Grown and Gangsta", which debuted in stores last month. A TRU Publishing representative said that Akon's "Thug Politics" will be in stores in April or May. C-Murder will join his authors, Akon and Jacki-O, on a literary campaign to promote their books as well as literacy amongst children and teens. In related news, C-Murder's retrial for allegedly shooting and killing a 16-year-old will begin on June 9th.