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Is Akon Really A Konvict?

Posted By on April 17, 2008

    Although Akon is known for his criminal past with hits like "Locked Up" and his Konvict music label, a new report says Akon wasn't exactly the Konvict he said he was. In past interviews Akon said he was the head of an infamous car-theft ring and spent more than four years in prison. The Smoking Gun has revealed the singer's rap sheet, which says Akon's not being so truthful.

    The report says that the Grammy award winning artists six arrests only included one felony conviction which was for gun possession, and for that charge he got three years probation. They did report that in 1998 Akon was in jail for possession of a stolen BMW, but only for a few months. They say the charges were lated dropped and he was released, which isn't close to what he claims. Akon and his reps had no comment. What are yours?