Update: Alchemist Says Beef With Game Fake

Update: Alchemist Says Beef With Game Fake

     Hit producer, and Mobb Deep slash Eminem DJ, Alchemist says his recent "beef" on Twitter with Game, in which Game actually threatened to knock his teeth out, actually was just a joke. Alchemist says not only is Game a close friend of his, but he was on his first album "1st Infantry." "For the record I don't have actual beef with @Ihategame," he wrote on his twitter account over the weekend referring to Game. "That's my brother! He was on my 1st album dummies remember? #RelaxInternetGeeks What I DO have is a sh*tload of new folllowers tho !"


Game – The Game's "400 Bars" (Part 1)


Game – The Game's "400 Bars" (Part 2)


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