Alchemist & Oh No Develop Gangrene (Video)

Alchemist & Oh No Develop Gangrene (Video)

A couple years back The Alchemist and Stones Throw’s Oh No announced they
would be working on their own Jaylib-style hip-hop collab under the name
Gangrene. Defying the list of announced hip-hop collabs that never see the light
of day, Gangrene has just emerged.

Starting from the album title, there’s no mistaking the style of Gutter
: drums smothered that go-jump-off-a-bridge, rusty-nail-in-the-eye,
nasty toilet bowl rawness, the kind of grimy music both of these producers have
spent a decade perfecting.

Gangrene’s debut album drops 11/23 via Decon Records,
preorder now.

The Alchemist And Oh No (Gangrene) – Gutter Water Listening Session


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