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ASAP Rocky and Danny Brown Want to have Sex with Kathy Griffin

Posted By on February 18, 2013

A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown recently found themselves in electronic media heaven, as Rocky sucks on the breast of Kathy Griffin and Brown plants a kiss on the Bravo television talk show host of “Kathy”.

While appearing on the show the duo participated in a game of sexual dice; a game in which a player tosses the dice and one die indicates a particular body part while the other die dictates an action. When A$AP Rocky’s turn came around one die landed on breast while the other on suck. The young rapper immediately put his mouth on one of Griffin’s breasts and groped the other with his hand. In another instance, Danny Brown planted a nice big kiss on the TV talk show Host.

In another segment, Rocky and Brown took seats next to comedian Russell Brand and discussed the possibilities of fatherhood.

“One day, but I’m a kid myself right now. I got an old soul but I’m actually 24,” said Rocky, when asked whether or not he would have relations with Griffin, he replied, “Oh yeah. Alright look, I got standards so it all depends.”

As far as Brown’s response goes, he said, “I mean, I want to have sex” before kissing Griffin.”

It was last June when the two young rappers conducted mirror interviews with one another and discussed how they would have sex with the comedienne/talk show host.


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