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ASAP Rocky Sued For Assault, Claims Self Defense

Posted By on April 25, 2013

In July of 2012, ASAP Rocky was accused of beating a man up is a clothing store. Nearly a year later, the rapper files a counter suit declaring that it was self-defense.

A man filed a criminal complaint against Rocky, saying that he jumped on him in a clothing store. Rocky was actually arrested because of a fight that he was involved in with two photographers who were filming him during a physical altercation with another man. According to a report by TMZ, it was this man that claimed he saw Rocky get high inside the clothing store. It was then that Rocky allegedly began beating him, and then subsequently began fighting the photographers that were filming the altercation.

The rapper has already closed a plea deal in which he plead guilty for attempted grand larceny, while the original charges or assault and robbery were dismissed.

As far as the civil suit, ASAP Rocky has finally filed a response to the suit, alleging that he acted in self-defense. He says that he is not seeking a dollar amount in his counter suit, he is simply asking that the suit be dismissed.