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ASAP Rocky Sued By Injured Fan

Posted By on May 7, 2014

A$AP Rocky better get his lawyers ready because he has been named in a lawsuit by a lady who was injured at one of his shows back in 2012 at Chicago’s House of Blues. Tia Butts, a 21-year-old Chicago woman, claims an artist jumped off the stage during the show and landed directly on her.

According to reports, Tia Butts was injured after an artist jumped off the stage and landed on her, but she was unsure of who it was.

 “Tia Butts, a 21-year-old Chicago woman, sustained injuries to her head, neck, and back after one of the artists jumped off stage and landed on her. She reportedly was unsure of which performer jumped on her. Rocky’s show was opened by Been Trill” (Pitchfork)

Butts is suing everyone involved with putting on the show, including A$AP Rocky for $50,000.

 “Butts is suing the House of Blues, Rakim Mayers (Rocky), RSV Gallery, LLC, Live Nation Worldwide, Ticketmaster Entertainment, and Been Trill for $50,000. The suit says that the defendants “neglected to maintain a safe environment for the patrons.” (Pitchfork)



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