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Asher Roth Prepares 2nd Album For Summer

Posted By on February 18, 2010

     Asher Roth recently talked about his plans to drop his sophomore album, to give people, what he calls "feelings" again. According to Asher Roth, he wants to drop his 2nd album on his birthday this summer. "There's no album title yet," he revealed in an interview. "I talked to everybody I wanted to get on the album. I shared my vision with them. You want to meet them halfway. Yes, you want them to come into your world as well, but you want to make sure that they're still stamping it with them. You don't want to leave their comfort zone. All the producers that are going to be on the album, I've sat down with in their living room before we got into the whole music making thing."

     "That's super important to any artist. It makes the creation process so much easier. The sound is going to give people feelings again. I'm through with listening to music with no intestines, no gut. I want to make that dope sh*t that people can feel. That's all the direction is. Ideally I'd like to release it on my birthday, which is August 11. That would be great, but I believe that's a Wednesday and they try to stick to Tuesdays. But my first album released on a Monday."


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