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Asher Roth’s Manager Busted For Justin Bieber

Posted By on March 24, 2010

     Asher Roth's manager Scott "Scooter" Braun got arrested today (March 24th) but he was arrested for an incident with another person he manages, a guy nammed Justin Bieber. According to the associated press, he was arrested due to a mall appearance back in November when the police told him to send out a twiter message about the event being cancelled, which lead to the crowd bbecoming unruly, but police say it took Scooter an hour and a half to send the tweets, but his lawyer says it only took 7 minutes (isn't it easy to look at the time stamp?)

     Who knew that Asher Roth had the same manager as the 16 year-old singing sensation Justin Bieber? Either way, my guess is the cause should be easy to figure out.

Justin Bieber ft Ludacris – Baby



Asher Roth – Hot Wangs (Produced By Will.i.am)