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Asher Roth Is More Than Just I Love College

Posted By on April 22, 2009

    A lot of rappers have done good with a big single, in fact it's pretty much a must nowadays, but Asher Roth says that he is "Not even close" to the sound of his single and is now embracing the popularity that comes with the success of a hit single. "'I Love College' is like a concept record. It's very close to being a novelty record," Asher told MTV News. [watch here]

    Asher says that he didn't expect his single to do as well as it did stating "Is it something I want to base my career off of? Did I expect that to be like, 'This is going to be my career? This is my career launcher?' Absolutely not. I wrote that song for me, because I'm sitting on the couch and I'm like, 'I love college, I miss college, I want to go to college for the rest of my life.' I wrote that song for me. Next thing you knew, you had a bunch of people being like, 'I feel that same exact way.' So yes, in my career everyone's going to date it back to 'I Love College,' but people need to trust me when I say this — there is going to be a lot more benchmarks along the way." [watch here]

    Before making it, Asher performed many times at his alma mater, West Chester University in Pennsylvania but now he is back and is headling. "It's a little crazy, man. It just goes to show you it's working," Roth of his recent success. [watch here] "This music is bringing people together. West Chester — I'm kinda cheating a little bit, because that's home. So it isn't until I walk the streets of British Columbia and people are outside waiting for me. Then, I know, 'OK, this is really working.' " [watch here]

Asher Roth – Has More To Offer Than Just I Love College