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Asher Roth Responds To Eminem’s Props

Posted By on April 24, 2009

    After Eminem said that he thinks that Asher Roth is "dope" in the new issue of XXL [read here], Asher Roth is now responding. Although at first there were rumors that Eminem was going to diss Asher Roth, Eminem says that although he hasn't heard enough to form a full opinion, he does like Asher stating "I’ve heard things, But the stuff that I’ve heard from him honestly, which certainly isn’t enough for me to make my own opinion and say, ‘Yeah, he does sound like me’ or ‘No, he doesn’t.’ But the couple of songs I’ve head, I don’t really think he does. You know what I mean? He’s doing his own thing. I can respect it, too, because at the end of the day, I think he’s dope.”

    After hearing that Eminem not only commented on him but actually likes him, Asher seems pretty happy in a new video interview. [watch here] "Really, it’s just crazy that he even knows my name in the sense of
being a 23-year-old kid on the come up, it’s great to have the pioneers
before you really know who you are,” he continued. “It’s still early on
in this project, there’s a lot to do, so, it’s awesome, man. That’s
cool." [watch here]

    Asher even said that he agrees with Eminem on a lot of things stating "Em’s where he is for a reason, he’s a very intelligent man. Stuff that he touches upon in that article is pretty much how I feel too. To an extent of it, a majority of it, the comparisons lie mainly because we’re both white MCs and we’re both talented, you know." [watch here]

Asher Roth Resonds To Eminem's Props On His Music