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Asher Roth Wants Will.i.Am For His Spaghetti Tree

Posted By on October 13, 2010

     Rapper Asher Roth recently updated fans on the status of his upcoming "Spaghetti Tree" album and what artists he is looking to collaborate with. When asked about guest features, Asher Roth said he isn't planning to rush the album.

     "We haven't really got there yet. Not yet. Game got on 'Splish Splash' because he was just there in the studio. I think it's great to make the music and then figure out who would sound good on what. Robin Thicke did get on one though, but we'll see if it'll stick around. I just linked up with Cannon and I still want will.i.am to come holla at me because I want to talk some "Joints and Jams" type shit. He's super talented. It really just comes down if they want to do it or not at this point. I don't have big money. I mean wish I could say lets get in the studio for a million dollars but it's just not like that."

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