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Mac Miller Talks Asher Roth Falling Out Of Spotlight

Posted By on November 9, 2011

     Mac Miller recently spoke about Asher Roth and why he thinks he has fallen out of the spotlight. Miller says that Asher changed up his content, which led to fans leaving.

"Asher Roth came out with 'I Love College' and that's not really him as an artist," Mac told XXL. "He likes to rap his a** off. He likes to spit, and he's on some positive change the world type sh*t for the better, and that's not him. They thought that would be a hit song. And I think that was the thing, like, he came out in that lane that they pushed him in and he didn't wanna go there. He just wants to rap and sh*t." (XXL Mag)


Mac Miller – Party On 5th Ave


  • Eshack

    Ok I’ll just come out and say it, Ash Roth is lazy, not saying he didn’t work hard, but watching him complain on some of the YouTube videos and even in some of his raps sayin the label was working him to death. I feel if you ever get a chance like that you should be working yourself to death. It wasn’t the ‘man’ that pushed him out, it was his laziness.