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Asher Roth Responds To Eminem Diss On “Marshall Mathers LP 2” (Video)

Posted By on November 27, 2013

Rapper Asher Roth recently expressed how he felt after getting called out by Eminem on a track from his latest “Marshall Mathers LP 2.”

Roth was not affected negatively from the diss, instead he embraced the situation and chose not to take anything personal.

“How did I hear about it? I think Twitter first, a couple people hit me up,” Roth said in an interview. “It’s cool, man. I thought it was pretty amazing. I’m not going to lie. I didn’t take anything personal. There’s nothing really there. I’ve never met him, I don’t know him personally.” (Hot 97)

Asher also touched on referencing Em on his “As I Am” track.

“No. No,” Roth added when asked if he dissed Eminem. “It was just like, when things were coming out everybody was just like, ‘Ah, Em, Asher, Em, Asher, Em.’ So for me, I just wanted to talk about how I was my own person. And that’s really all it was. And talking about when I was introduced to Em’s music when I was young, in seventh grade. Talking about that relationship, being inspired by an emcee.” (Hot 97)

Check out the interview below:

  • Austin

    these people are dumb. The line referred to when asher roth was interviewed and he said ” i’d be surprised if Eminem even knew me”
    basically calling him old