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Posted By on September 16, 2012

  • Ezco

    hehe n1

  • Hoeluva24

    neeeeeeeew yooooork baby fuk weezy

  • bkbxstliny

    fuck weezy, hes wack real rap all day fab get em!

  • k9

    SO GH!

  • Wa-Weazy

    Killer track.. i gotta give it to you son; “No Diddy, No Dupri, No Doc Dre, No Cash Money from Baby and no Rocs from from J.. But you still there!” And yhea, F Weazy

  • Wanda

    Killer track.. I give it ya. And yeah F Weazy

  • 90s HipHIP

    Now this is music! NY!!! East Coast Stand up and take the game BACK!!!