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Slaughterhouse ft. Eminem, Skylar Grey

Our House (Extended)

Posted By on September 16, 2012

  • damn, i see now why they cut the song, it sounds baad

  • GR88Dane

    Yeeah Joe’s part was a little wacky

  • ricerich513


  • Gangsta

    i lov’ it

  • Truth

    crew couldn’t sound any softer on a track like this, if em took me under his wing i would ACTUALLY rap for six hours…

  • Rene

    song goes off apparently you retards don’t knw anything about rap smh.

  • Obviously this is just a single to test the waters. Listen to the instrumentals. percussion is being experimented with big time.the song overall is pretty neat. Slaughter house overall is just another example of Wu Tang. Just a monster Group to show everyones talent. This sounds like a random freestyle to throw some samples at people.Ems for real freestylin in this. its obvious this is just playin around for them.