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Baby Talks Rick Ross & Moving Cash Money Records

Posted By on January 28, 2010

     Baby aka Birdman, aka the man who co-started Cash Money Records (not to mention responsible such artists as Lil Wayne), recently talked about working with Triple C's leader Rick Ross on an upcoming collaboration album titled "The H." Birdman went on to explain why Ross is a certified hitmaking rapper. Baby even talks about why he decided to move Cash Money Records from New Orleans to Miami, the home of Ricky.

     "We are still making it happen," the Cash Money mogul said about the upcoming duo album. "Ross is my partner. He's already great to me. He's got the mind and the talent to do what he wants as far as rap goes. He can rap his ass off. He's going to constantly make hits. The town has bust open. I've learned a lot being in Miami. It's different from where we come from. I felt like we had to leave New Orleans in order to grow. My city is small; the state of Louisiana is small. I'm from there and I love it. I'm 504 'til I go. I still have a house there and I still go there. But at some point you have to grow."


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