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Birdman’s Super Bowl Winnings Car (Video)

Posted By on February 10, 2011

     As we previously reported, according to Birdman he recently bet and won a million dollars on the Super Bowl. Now details on what he spent the money on are now becoming available. As he tells XXL magazine, he purchased a new car with the winnings.

“I already spent that money [on] a Landaulet Maybach,” Birdman revealed to XXL. (SEE BELOW)

     Baby says he picked the Green Bay Packers to win after his "son" Lil Wayne suggested it to him.

“My son [Weezy] is a Green Bay fan,” Baby said. “I’m a diehard Saints fan, but he’s a die-hard Green Bay fan.  So I just went hard.  And I believed Green Bay was going to win, they pulled it off.  My son knows a lot of about sports, so I was just like whatever he’s going to rock with I’m going to rock with hard.” (XXL)

     Birdman says that he's set to continue his betting, this time on boxing.

“I’m a fan of him [Mayweather],” says Birdman. “Whoever he fights I think he’s gonna beat, so when he fights Pacquiao I’m going to bet 5 million.”  (XXL)

Birdman – Car Bought With Super Bowl Winnings