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Baby Tops CNBC’s Millionaire Documentary

Posted By on February 26, 2009

    CNBC's upcoming documentary "NEWBOs: The Rise of America's New Black Overclass" will give fans an inside look into the lives of black celebrities who have made huge fortunes in sports, media and entertainment. Baby, or Birdman, and his brother Slim of Cash Money Records will be featured on the new show. "You know having money brings on a lot of greed a lot of different
type[s] of people but [as] far as the family and us being able to get
out the project buy houses for our moms and cars and put money up for
our kids," Baby said. "That was the American Dream. That
made me appreciate it more than anything, that I could set a new tone
for my children. They don't have to grow up how I grew up."

    Airing on February 26th at 9pm, the new show will also feature NBA superstar LeBron James, Major League All-Star Torii Hunter, Multiplatinum gospel star Kirk Franklin, and more.