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Baby Compares Drake’s Success To Lil Wayne

Posted By on February 26, 2010

     Cash Money Records co-founder and current head-honco Baby, aka Birdman, recently talked about Drake's early success in the music industry, even speaking about why he thinks Drizzy's swag goes unmatched. Birdman feels that his new Young Money artist is in a league of his own. "He got that swagger and you can't deny that," Birdman said in an interview. "Man, that success of Drake, I saw it happen right in front of my face! I knew he was destined for greatness, but not this fast. Drizzy's coming, ya heard me! He's in the lab right now. The kid is special."

     In related news, Birdman compared Drake's current status to Lil Wayne's. "Drake is already a superstar," Baby explained in an interview. "That's 20 years from now. Hopefully, he'll be bigger. That's what we're striving for. We ain't tripping. We're working hard for him to be bigger than anyone else. We want the best for him. Now, I don't see any top labels. I look around and see all those people who did it before me. To me, the labels, I don't see no company with constant success with a clique. At some point, there was a lot of people doing this. It used to be crowded. I see a lot of people who have done it, and now don't see them."

Birdman – Talks About Drake's Early SUccess