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Birdman Writes A Book On The Criminal System

Posted By on March 14, 2011

     Cash Money Records' Baby recently sat down to talk about getting into the book publishing business and its first retail release, Raw Law. Telling the director, Baby says he wants peple to understand the criminal system.

"I just want to introduce y'all to CMC, our Cash Money Content, which is our book company," Baby said in an interview. "The first book we put out, [came] out 2/15, which is called Raw Law and it really speaks to the realities of our legal system. I think this is a book you should read especially if you in and out [of jail]. One of my brother's doing life. One of my partner's fighting a life charge. One of my brothers just came home from doing 20 years. And that was one of my inspirations on this book. [It's about] trying to help them get in and out, finding the right legal system to help them get in and out of jail." (Derick G)

Birdman -Talks Writing A Book