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Birdman Gets Help To Become The Godfather

Posted By on April 8, 2010

     Following in Lil Wayne's footsteps, Birdman is making a DVD of his own. As we previously reported, Weezy teamed up with DJ Scoob Doo to make his "The Nino Brown Story" dvd and now Baby snagged DJ Scoob also to make his "The Godfather" disc. "Scoob been f—in' with my son with that 'Nino Brown,' " the Birdman said in a clip received Wednesday. "Look out for my sh–, 'The Godfather.' Hip-hop, we run this bi—. YM/CMB [Young Money/ Cash Money Brothers] moolah!"

     Friday the group of Cash Money higher-ups like Birdmand and his brother Slim Williams shot a scene using their private jet. Birdman barley made the shoot as he was visiting his star and son Lil Wayne at Rickers Island. "He been locked down a month," Birdman said. "Seven more to go. You know he's built for that. We been around convicts and killers all our life. We from New Orleans. … That's what the No Ceilings sh– is about. Paradise on Earth. That's how we living. Sh–. YM/CMB, we built to last. That's what makes us. That's what we built on. That's just a nap. But when he comes home, best believe, big money poppin'. Big money sh–. Moolah!"

Birdman, Lil Wayne – Clip From Godfather DVD