Birdman Talks About Dipset Reuniting

Birdman Talks About Dipset Reuniting

     Birdman, aka Baby, aka the boss of Cash Money Records, recently talked about Jim Jones and Camron getting back together for the new Dipset movement. "You know, Dipset came up the same time as us. Cam, Jimmy, that's my family," Baby says about Jim Jones and Cam'ron's recent reunion. "For them to be together, that's what it do, that's what's up. We making music and unity [and] that's what I'm about."

     Previously, Jim Jones promised fans a new Dipset album this year. "Me and Cam both got our own things going on, solo projects and label situations, but we going to put this Diplomat thing together real funky," Jones promised in an interview. "That powerful music will be back at you. It should be a good Christmas stockingstuffer, but we're going to heat it up like the summer."

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