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Baby Explains Wayne Not Replying To 50 Cent

Posted By on May 5, 2009

    Bryan Williams (no not the news guy) aka "Baby" (or Birdman) recently talked about why Lil Wayne decided to not respond to the multiple disses from 50 Cent. [watch here] "We got money man," Baby said, in a new interview from last year (so we are told). [watch here] "We on islands and jets f*cking h*es. We ain't trippin' off petty sh*t. We got money. Ain't ever a dark day in my life, why won't I go spend 250 right now, I'll burn that b*tch…We just did a deal for a 100 mil, we got money for real. It ain't no game. We ain't got time for bullsh*t. We getting money man. We go to the studio that's money, that's like $20 million. When I hit your town they pay 250 just to say they saw us…" [watch here]

    Baby got back on track continuing "We been through the wars, I got scars from wars. Get with that anytime, but lets get with this money sh*t, that's what's up…Me and my son are rich for real, that's why I won't entertain bullsh*t…Today, I'm the only n*gga in the industry, me, my son and my brother that own everything, nobody owns nothin'. We 100 percent in this b*tch, we make more than they make." [watch here]

Baby Talks About Lil Wayne Not Responding To 50 Cent