Birdman Talks Nicki Minaj’s Star Power (Video)

Birdman Talks Nicki Minaj’s Star Power (Video)

      Cash Money co-Founder, and bossman over at Cash/Young Money, Baby aka Birdman, recently talked about his new artist, Nicki Minaj. Birdman says not only have they hever had a female arrist like her, but her energy and talent give her the ability to do what she does.

      "Nicki's special," Baby said in an interview. "Nicki's music is Nicki, you heard me? She do her thing, is very creative and it's her. She's representing the women, YM/CB [Young Money/Cash Money]. I think she is [one of the greatest], just watching when you see her name lined with the elite, the elite generals that [the fans] consider as the best and she's still young in the game. So she's got a lot of years. So definitely. To be a woman, that's big though. We've never had a woman to be looked upon like that. I think that's hot. And she's talented like that. I think she surprises the world with her talent and with the creations that she do."

Birdman – Talks Nicki Minaj Star Power


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