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Birdman Talks About Young Cash Money Grammy Nods

Posted By on December 6, 2010

     With the grammy awards getting close, Cash Money co-founder Baby (aka birdman) recently shared his reaction and even made some predictions on how the night will go.

"Aww man, this is what we worked hard and put all of these years in for. It feels good; it's beyond words. We look at it like this, next year we have to have more, so we have to work harder. This is just giving us different ways to motivate ourselves…We take it as we have to go harder. It ain't no feelings caught up in this shit, our feelings are in our music. So we just take it as we gotta go harder. We gotta prove, we gotta do more. It's a win-win across the board. It's a win that we are nominees and it's a win that if we don't get it, we'll keep goin' 'til we go get it…With these type of events, we never put no feelings in 'em. We hope to win, but we've been coming to 'em for a minute, so if it don't happen we know how to keep it movin'. It ain't no big thing." (XXL Mag)

Birdman – Fire Flame


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