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Curry Says Shyne Wants Nothing To Do With Diddy

Posted By on October 26, 2009

    Mark Curry, the former Bad Boy Entertainment rapper, recently talked about his relationship with Shyne, who as we previously reported is going to be deported to Belieze. In the new interview, Curry says that Shyne no longer wants any ties to P Diddy. Mark Curry sat down with hip-hop personality Gyant where he he refers to Shyne as a "younger brother" during their time together at Bad Boy Entertainment during the late 1990's. [Former Bad Boy Artist Talks About Shyne & P Diddy – Watch Here]

    "Shyne used to be in the house with me," Curry explained in an interview. "Shyne had became like a younger brother to me to this day I still love Shyne like I love my little brother because me and him lived in a house together and I was the older one in the house…If [Diddy] does have a check waiting for him, Shyne probably made enough money off of who he is now that [he] don't need to take your money. I recently heard Shyne say 'Who is Diddy? He don't exist.' So when he comes home, I don't think Puff can have anything to do with [him.]" [Mark Curry Says Shyne Wants Nothing To Do With P Diddy – Watch Now]

Mark Curry – Talks On Shyne & Diddy With Gyant