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Shyne Gives Speech To 400 Inmates (Video)

Posted By on November 30, 2009

    Shyne recently gave a motivational type speech to around four-hundred international inmates about his time in prison, taking responsibility for the actions that resulted in him doing over nine years behind bars. From Shynes point of view, it is important for inmates to not follow the popular negative trends within the jail system. "I didn't blame nobody else for my mistakes," Shyne told a room of inmates. "It wasn't my co-defendant's fault that I shot somebody in the club, I take responsibility, I did that sh*t, it was a terrible mistake and I moved on. So that's what I challenge you guys to do. Don't blame the C.O., don't blame the police — you have to take accountability for your actions and you have to decide what your future is gonna be. You can't be following what this one say and that one say, I spent 10 years in the cooker" [Shyne Takes Responsibility For His Actions – Watch Here]

     Shyne continued "it's a lot of gang bangers in New York, I didn't bang because I'm universal. I'm a boss — I mess with everybody. I had the Italian mafia, John Gotti's boys, I sit down and break bread with them. I had the Irish n*ggas, the Spanish n*ggas, the point I'm trying to make to you is that you have to be a boss. And I started this when I was young." [Shyne Gives A Speech To 400 Inmates – Watch Here]

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