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Director Gives Notorious Film Details

Posted By on December 15, 2008

    Notorious, the Biggie Smalls biopic, is set to hit theaters on January 16th and now the director is giving fans insight on what the film will include. Bob Teitel, director of 'Barbershop' and 'Soulfood,' says "With Sean Puffy's character and Notorious, you get to see how these
two kinda rose to the top with each other, definitely Puffy needed
Christopher Wallace and Christoper needed Puffy and as a team they were

    Teitel says making the film on Biggie was hard saying "It was actually one of the toughest films we had to tackle because Christopher Wallace a.k.a. Notorious lived a short life but he lived a very rich life and to try and capture that in a biopic, it was a challenge." The acclaimed director went on to say "Our challenge, was to bring a lot of events, that a lot of people didn't really know about, and we touch on the East Coast, West Coast vibe a lot, too," he added.