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Beanie Sigel

Beanie Sigel Blames Bodyguard For Jay-Z Issues

Posted By on April 26, 2011

     Beanie Sigel recently rehashed his past relationship with Jay-Z and why he feels it was messed up. The former Roc-A-Fella artist then got into the current issues btween him and Jigga, this time blaming them on an incident with a bodygaurd. According to Sigel, there was an altercation during one of Jay-Z's 40/40 Club openings, which he says tore them apart.

"The sh*t stem[med] from a situation from me that happened when Jay-Z's bodyguard put his hands on me not in a manner that was harmful to me, but in a manner where he shouldn't have touched me period," Sigel explained in an interview. "On a push in the back tip and I addressed Jay about it in front of his A-List company […] and I guess he ain't like that too much. I think that was the opening of the 40/40 Club, after that I never saw Jay again. I never talked to him again. That couple months went by or whatever, I even tried to reach out to him. It got to the point where you had to get to four different people to talk to Jay." (Forbez DVD)

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