Beanie Sigel Says He Will Smack Drake

Beanie Sigel Says He Will Smack Drake

     Beanie Sigel recently called out new rapper Drake saying he would smack him. "I know all that f*ggot sh*t you poppin' and the little slurs on Drake
and them's records and I'ma tell y'all little motherf*ckers something,
y'all keep letting that n*gga get on records and pop sh*t. I'ma start
coming at cha'll little n*ggas. I'll smack the sh*t outta Drake b*tch
a**. All y'all n*ggas, f*ck all y'all. This is Broad Street Bully, B.
Sig, I have no problem seeing anybody on site."

      Drake wasn't Beanie Sigel's only target, as he also went off on Jadakiss. "Only thing I regret about that Roc-A-Fella sh*t was going at my n*gga Kiss," Beans said in an interview referencing his 2001 beef with Jadakiss. "I did that sh*t for you n*gga 'cause you were scared. You knew Kiss would have bit that a**. I should pull off my belt and whip that a**. You better watch who you worship, man."

Beanie Sigel – Says He Will Beat Drake's Ass


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