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Beanie Sigel

Beanie Sigel Records New Jay-Z Diss

Posted By on November 19, 2009

    Beanie Sigel is continuing his verbal war with his former label head Jay-Z, hitting up the studio to record another diss towards Jigga. A new video shows Sigel freestyling about Jay-Z's "shady" business practices and mocking his "Blueprint 3" track "Already Home" rapping "You in the hall already, on the wall already," Sigel raps. "You's a work of art, man this boy all petty/Type to not feed no workers, 'cause he grubbed already/Noodle, I had the sauce/We coulda made spaghetti, but I'ma shine on my own/I'm a star already/Lost the Best Of Both Worlds, he coulda called R. Kelly." [Beanie Sigel Records Another Jay-Z Diss – Watch Here]

    In related news, Beanie Sigel recently hit up G-Unit radio to talk about other sides of Jay-Z that fans may not know about. "A lot of Jay-Z fans are my fans too," Beans explained in an interview. "At the end of the days, [Memphis] Bleek's fake too. F*ck outta here. I ain't trying to hear that. Bleek got the same characteristics, man…Lil Wayne professed the 'Greatest Rapper Alive' [title] and was getting the momentum. Lil Wayne can rap, Lil Wayne can spit, in my point of view. I like Lil Wayne, he should have kept moving with it and then Jay come and tell Lil Wayne he gonna pass the paton to him [then] Lil Wayne falls back…Kanye [West] coming at you, if you listen to the 'Big Brother' record, it's the same thing…That's one thing about me, I ain't no liar and [Jay] knows that sh*t…Go back to the B.Coming record, 'I Can't Go On This Way,' listen to the beginning of that record. All you gotta do is listen to it, trust, karma, team, us, Roc, solid, d*mn, 'D'Evils.' Listen to the music…"  [Beanie Sigel Talks Jay-Z – Watch Here]

Beanie Sigel – Works On New Jay-Z Diss