Beanie Sigel Says “I Aint On G-Unit…Yet”

Beanie Sigel Says “I Aint On G-Unit…Yet”

    Beanie Sigel recently updated everyone on his current status with 50 Cent slash G-Unit, denying new reports that he did sign with G-Unit records. "I ain't on G-Unit yet," Beanie explained in an interview. "Nah. I feel free, I feel more tension right now, you know what I mean? I feel good. I'm just gonna go out and do my thing, you know what I mean?" [Beanie Sigel – Talks Current Status With G-Unit – Watch Here]

    Beyond 50 Cent, Beanie Sigel talked about his issues with Jay-Z and why
he showed up at the G-Unit general's MySpace music release party
earlier this week. "I'm here for support, I'm here to support, that's it…I really don't care what Jay's doing, like, it ain't about what he's doing, it's about what he had done. You can't just do anything you want, I'm the bully n*gga. I do whatever the f*ck I wanna do." [Beanie Sigel – Talks Jay-Z Beef & 50 Cent Support – Watch Here]

Beanie Sigel – Talks G-Unit Connection


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