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Beanie Sigel

Beanie Sigel Announces New Album

Posted By on October 23, 2007

Philadelphia rap star Beanie Sigel has announced that his new album The Solution will hit stores on December 11. The Solution is Sigel's follow up to this gold-selling 2005 release, The B. Coming. “I realize that the game has changed," Sigel said. "Everything sounds the same…very repetitive. The Solution is the answer to all of that. For those that want to here a little rock, jazz or soul, I got all of that!" In addition to the music, Sigel made sure he added a dose of reality on the album, by incorporating lessons he has learned from everyday life. "All the s**t I might go through in the course of a day is on my album," Sigel continued. "I'm talking about religion, spiritually, getting a piece of mind. All that counts and all that's in my music." The first single from the album is "All of the Above," which impacts radio on October 29.