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UPDATE: Beanie Sigel shooting

Posted By on May 30, 2006

Initially skeptical about the story surrounding last week’s shooting of Beanie Sigel, Philadelphia authorities have revealed that the rapper’s account of the apparent robbery attempt checks out.

As previously reported, Sigel (Born Dwight Grant) was shot twice in his upper arm during what he described as a failed robbery on Thursday morning (May 25th) in Philadelphia.

According to Sigel, who talked to authorities after the shooting, five black men in two cars cornered him while he was in his vehicle. One of the men, who Sigel detailed as a 30-something standing at approximately 5’11” with a beard, sporting jeans and timberland boots, fired the shots at him.

The Philadelphia bred rapper then drove himself to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania where he was treated and released hours later.

On the same day of the shooting, police examined the scene of the robbery. After not finding any shell casings and residents in the area claiming that they heard no gunshots, sources close to SOHH revealed that authorities were doubtful of Sigel’s version of the story and labeled it a publicity stunt.

With no leads and no witnesses coming forward, authorities began reviewing surveillance tapes from Z-Bar, a club where Sigel hung out for hours before he was shot.

According to authorities, Sigel partied at Z-Bar until 3:30 a.m. Thursday. He then dropped two friends off in Southwest Philadelphia and as he made his way back to South Philly, he noticed a car was following him.

Sigel then pulled over on Snyder Avenue near 25th Street and let the car pass him. He then started to follow the other car, which led him on a winding trip that ended when the car stopped near 22nd and McClellan streets, a block away from his boyhood home.

Police said, Sigel then told them two men jumped out of the car, and one of them brandished a gun. The rapper then got out of his white Chevrolet Impala and confronted the men saying “know who I am?” when the two men made it clear that they planned to rob him.

A second car pulled up behind Sigel’s Impala, and two more men emerged, one with a gun. Sigel told police he handed over a watch and a chain worth about $75,000 – and $3,000 in cash, before getting shot at while he scurried back to his car.

Authorities are tracking down acquaintances that saw Sigel the day he was shot to find out if he had any ongoing disputes that could have led to his shooting. Anyone with information on the incident is advised to contact Philadelphia South Detectives at 215-686-3013.

Source: SOHH