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Beyonce Says Shes Not Pregnant, No Baby Jay-Z

Posted By on March 26, 2010

     A publicist for Sony Music (Beyonce's record label) has denied rumors that the singer is pregnant with her first child with her husband, Jay-Z. Does that mean shes pregnant with someone else's kid? (That was a joke people). Although the publicist didn't go into detail, she flatly denied the gossip calling it exactly that, rumors and thats it.

     With a gossip website reporting that Beyonce was "fine and resting now" and expected to "continue working through her pregnancy," it proved how easily gossip websites post stuff without proving their story fully. The site even added that Jay-Z is "extremely happy to be having his first child" with his wife. By the way, the website we were talking about is MediaTakeOut.com which seems to be losing credibility by the day, maybe they should change their name to to MediaShitOut

Beyonce, Jay-Z – Live SHow (Beyonce Denies Pregnant Rumors)