Beyonce Attempts To End All Jay Z Cheating Rumors

Beyonce Attempts To End All Jay Z Cheating Rumors

There have been plenty of rumors going around that Beyonce and Jay Z are experiencing troubles with there relationship following plenty of Jay Z cheating accusations. Now Beyonce has attempted to end all speculations about her marriage being on the rocks.

Beyonce took to her Instagram page to post some images to prove she is sticking beside her man.

“In one image, Bey is seen playing in the ocean and holding up the “Roc” sign–for Jay Z‘s record label. And while she hasn’t directly addressed the latest reports that she and her hubby are on the rocks, it seems pretty clear that she’s standing by her man. So maybe the rumors are just that, right? Yoncé first sparked all the buzz when she changed the lyrics to her lovesick ballad “Resentment” during her On the Run Tour stop in Cincinnati.” (E! Online)

We recently reported on Beyonce reportdly addressing the Jay Z cheating scandal by singing her ‘Resentment’ track and switching the lyrics up sparking some speculation that she was meaning to take a jab at Jay for his reported infidelity. Check out the video HERE.


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  • Jacey Jay

    Seriously why the hell would he? She is one of thee most beautiful women in the world and he has respect for her. Whoever brought this up as a rumour are just mad.

  • Keyser Soze

    yea when i heard resentment i thought maybe he was gettin some strange but than thought who knows its just a song not necessariy a reality of her life right now. not guilty.

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