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Beyonce Looking For New Producers For New Sound

Posted By on September 21, 2010

     It seems that singer slash actress Beyonce (slash Jay-Z's wife) is looking for new producers to help with her new sound for her upcoming "I Am … Sasha Fiece" follow-up album. Producer Jim Jonsin says that Beyonce's camp put in a request from him and he wants to take Beyonce to the 80's.

     "Beyonce, that's something, we just got a call the other day to start napping that up,' Jonsin revealed in an interview. "We're gonna get in for a week or two so that's something I'm excited about. We're submitting tracks to her, see if she's digging the direction and if she does, then we're gonna follow that direction. I think she's trying to find sounds that she likes from different producers. There's a couple of us she's working with and then from that, we'll get in and cut songs. I haven't heard anything yet of where her head's at. I'd love to reach a little more, coming off that 'Sweet Dreams' record, I'd like to take it a little more, Depeche Mode-ish, 80's electro with just some hard drums. I'd love to go there. Even some sexy, mid-tempos — see if she likes that and I'll try that too."

Beyonce – Jim Jonsin Talks Wanting To Take Beyonce To The 80s