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Beyonce Banks $80 Million

Posted By on September 23, 2008

    Forbes recently released their annual "Worlds Best-Paid Music Stars" list, this is not the same list as the "Highest Earners" list we previously reported about. The top ten artists for the list include some pretty big names including Gwen Stafani (#10 with $27 million), Madonna (#5 with $40 million) and Justin Timberlake (#4 with $44 million).

    Coming in second place was R&B Queen and actress, Beyonce. Beyonce took in over $80 million dollars from June of last year to June of this year with her albums, shows, endorsement deals and movie appearances. Beating out Beyonce for the top spot was Sting's The Police who took in $115 million due to their farewell tour and album.

    View Forbes "Best-Paid Music Stars" List – Click Here

Here's the rest of the Forbes list of top earners:

10. Gwen Stefani- $27 Million
9. Genesis- $ 31 million
8. Van Halen- $35 million
7. Rascal Flatts- $40 million
6. Celine Dion- $40 million
5. Madonna- $40 million
4. Justin Timberlake- $44 million
3. Toby Keith- $48 million
2. Beyonce Knowles- $80 million
1. The Police- $115 million