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Beyonce Asked To “Cover Up,” Singer Warned About Racy Stage Show

Posted By on August 23, 2007

Beyonce took time off from falling on stage to taking her clothes off instead.

Beyonce is being warned to tone down her sexy stage show before performing in Malaysia where certain aspects of her act are considered illegal.

B, who inadvertently exposed her chest to concert goers at a recent show in Toronto, will have to reform her act for the overseas performance. According to the Associated Press, stage performers in Malaysia may not hug or kiss, and their clothes must not have obscene or drug-related images or messages.

"We've informed Beyonce's management about this issue of clothes, but it takes some of the fun out of it," said Razlan Ahmad Razali, chairman of Pineapple Concerts, the company responsible for organizing the Malaysian concert.

"Beyonce won't be able to do the kind of show here that she does elsewhere," Razali told the AP. "She's a fashion icon, and we know that she often wears miniskirts and clothes that expose her navel during her performances. It's a pity to restrict her, because her costumes are all tasteful and glamorous."

In the past, Malaysian organizers were fined $2,857 after The Pussycat Dolls were accused of flouting decency regulations.

Beyonce, who has agreed to tone down her show's sex appeal, is scheduled to hit the stage in Malaysia on November 1.