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Big Sean Discusses Upcoming Collab With Jennifer Lopez, Taking Singing Lessons, And More

Posted By on February 15, 2014

Jennifer Lopez is notorious for some of the biggest collabs in music. Jenny from the block doesn’t just work with anyone. While being interviewed by Rap-UpG.O.O.D Music’s Big Sean revealed that he recently worked with Lopez and said it was an honor.

“It’s legendary, J-Lo, ‘Jenny from the Block,’ she’s like [an] O.G.,” Sean said when asked about working with Lopez. “You can’t help but pay respect to an O.G. so she was there looking like she was my age, cool. She’s cool man, she beautiful, talented, it’s an honor.”

Big Sean went on to discuss his plans for the upcoming year.

“Yeah, it’s definitely more coming from first quarter, that was just a little warm up,” Big Sean said when asked about what he’s currently working on. “We mean business for real, there’s more coming from first quarter, I just dropped that to set the tone, let people know we ain’t playing with these bitch ass niggas no more.


Full interview below: