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Birdman Borrows $5 Million To Remodel Miami Mansion

Posted By on April 21, 2014

Birdman might of made the top five on Forbes’ annual lists, but the Cash Money Records CEO is in need of some help with money as reports claim he has taken out a $5 million loan to help remodel his Miami mansion.

According to reports, Baby has taken out $5 million against his house to do some “interior remodeling.”

 “TMZ obtained loan docs connected to Birdman’s sick Miami mansion — the one he bought for $14.5 million in 2012 — and he’s taking out the $5 mil against the house to do “interior remodeling” that will require construction, painting … and lots of marble and stone work.” (TMZ


  • disqus_3b95niYWAA

    This NICCA, for ALL he stole from his artists, never paying royalties to MANNIE FRESH, TYGA, JUVENILE, BG, TURK, TQ & many more; needs to BORROW money to fix his house! The BIGGEST THIEF in the Biz! DUMB MONEY & DUMBER boss……………

  • ursocalledgod

    this clown has to borrow money? all the shit he talks on tracks! lol whats real will always come to light sooner or later. smh

  • sidhu

    You are getting a tax break on the mortgage interest. If you are in a high tax bracket AND have a relatively high mortgage, you may want to keep the mortgage rather than paying it off. A taxpayer in a 25% federal tax bracket who has $20,000 in mortgage interest gets a $5000 break on their federal income tax for the interest. If his or her state income tax is 7%, that tax break grows to $6,600.

    • Kai26

      Someone who is supposedly as wealthy as he is shouldn’t have a mortgage in the first place.

  • Slim_G

    Lol.. I thought he’s a super rich n*gga why does he have to borrowed money? This fake ass n*gga talks how he spent $5 million on a crib not knowin he borrowed it..damn!