Bizarre Kills Yelawolf & Eminem Comparisons

Bizarre Kills Yelawolf & Eminem Comparisons

     Just because they are both white, doesn't mean they should be compared. Bizarre of D12 (Eminem's group in which he's the "lead singer"), not only says that Yelawolf is NOT trying to be Eminem, but he is very unique. "Let me tell you something about Yelawolf," Biz said in an interview. "He is not Eminem and he's not trying to be like Eminem. He is a country dude from a hick town in Alabama and he is himself. His music is who he really is and he's totally different than Eminem. He is real dope though, and the lane he got nobody else has that right now or ever."

     In related news, Yelawolf is on Bizarre's upcoming "Friday Night At St Andrews" album, which hits stores on May 18th. Below you can check out snippets of the album, in which (#2) you can preview the Bizarre track with Yelawolf called "Down This Road."

Bizarre – Friday Night At St Andrews (Snippets 1)


Bizarre – Friday Night At St Andrews (Snippets 2)



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