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Will.I.AM. Says The E.N.D. Is Coming

Posted By on October 29, 2008

    Black Eyed Peas lead man, will.i.am, recently announced that his groups upcoming album "The E.N.D." (Energy Never Dies) is almost complete and should be released soon. w.i.am says the albums completion is "a week away," but a release date has  not been given.  "See, this record is never going to be done," will.i.am told LA Times. "Let's say it comes out January 8, and it's not coming out January 8, but say that it does. Then on March 8, I would want a different installment."

     Will.I.Am. says the vibe of the album is "up-tempo energy music," continuing "You're not confined to the CD, So if it comes out January 8, by March 8, you'll know the tunes people are gravitating toward. So you pull those off, do remixes and different versions, take the chorus and take the best bits and upload it on March 8. Then on May 8 you do the same thing."

    To me all of that sounded like a bunch of jibberish, somehow pointing out that albums get delayed or pushed back. Besides that we only learned that titled of the new Black Eyed Peas album and it's "up-tempo engery music." I don't think I will be going to will.i.am for advice or information in the future, it's way to hard to figure out what he is saying.