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BoB Gives Advice To Hip Hop Newcomers

Posted By on March 15, 2010

     An artist of T.I.'s Grand Hussle label, B.o.B recently gave advice to upcoming rappers, explaining why they should have patience in the music industry. Besides giving advice to new artists, Bobby Ray talked about his upcoming "The Adventures Of Bobby Ray" debut album. "Be patient because this is something that is definitely like a benchmark in your career," he said in an interview. "You'll never be able to do that again. It's like you can become famous but you can't become un-famous. When you're famous people become mad, there's nothing you can do to where people just forget you or be un-famous so enjoy these times and just be patient…It's been a long journey, man. It's good and that's what I would tell the Freshmen now; it's going to be a long journey so don't feel like all the stuff with the label, and the issues you run into… it's normal and it's expected. Even if you had your own record label and you built your own team of people you're going to run into the same problems. Because people are people no matter what."

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