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BoB Says T.I. Gave Him Some Good Advice

Posted By on April 19, 2010

    B.o.B, an artist on T.I.'s Grand Hussle record label, says that TIP recently gave him some advice and career insight. Bobby Ray also talked about being an alternative rapper on a label known for hardcore street rappers like Young Dro and 8Ball & MJG. "He told me, 'Alright B.o.B, you are on roller coaster now. From this point on everything is going to speed up and you will never know how you got here,'" B.o.B. said in an interview. "He told me about finding my pace because I'm just getting my feet wet. It's crazy. Me being on Grand Hustle, being affiliated with T.I., being an underground alternative artist with a pop hit the next day. It's f*cking crazy. The Adventures of Bobby Ray is just a soundtrack to what I'm doing. I'm just enjoying the ride… The ups and downs is what make the rollercoaster ride fun. But everything is weird [Laughs]."


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