BoB Talks Album Success; Co-Sign By Eminem

BoB Talks Album Success; Co-Sign By Eminem

     New Grand Hustle artist, B.o.B, recently had his debut "The Adventures Of Bobby Ray," debut number one on the sales charts. The southern emcee says the success of his debut album wasn't what he expected at all. "To have a number one album is definitely unexpected," B.o.B. said about his debut's chart placement. "I was really hoping, just to have people buy it and that it was going to be in the stores. It's crazy because is it going to be in 'all' the stores? We went to the Best Buys, the Targets, just bought up the whole shelf. We even took the little barcode thing on the shelf that they label the shelf with, so it was a good time."

BoB – Talks About Debut Album's Success


BoB – Talks Superstardom And Getting Co-Signed By Eminem


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