B.o.B Talks Rapper Chess Club Team

B.o.B Talks Rapper Chess Club Team

     Lupe Fiasco recently introduced a crew via his twitter account for the All City Chess Club. Lupe wrote that the members include himself, B.o.B, Asher Roth, J Cole, Charles Hamilton, the Cool Kids, Diggy Simmons, Wale and Blu. Now Bobby Ray is talking about the side project and how the members of his team are already brainstorming ideas. "The All City Chess Club is something that Lupe had the idea about, and me and Charles Hamilton were at a show, and he came up with the idea and talked to us about it, and we were down," B.o.B said of the group's genesis. "I feel like the respect level is mutual with all of us. And I've already done songs with Charles Hamilton, Lupe and Asher Roth. Basically, the whole concept of it is to have a project, a freelance project, that's something fun and creative."

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